About myself

I'm a single parent or 4 kids ranging from 5 to 19. I have two of each , meaning two boys and two girls.The oldest ( Jon Michael,just turned 19 this June) lives in an adult group-home just outside of Snowhill,NC. He's been living there since his 18Th b-day a year ago.I think it was the best thing I could have done for him although at the time I wasn't so sure.He was difficult from the start and as time moved on, as it often does, he just got worst.It was the hardest thing for me to do !But, it wasn't about me but what was best for him.My oldest girl( Sterling ,15) is my right hand man! She's a great kid…….very pretty soul,very caring and thoughtful, loves animals but although she wants to be more outgoing she isn't. She's sits back and watches the world then jumps in when SHE is ready.My next girl(SKY, 13) is another great kid.Not so much just from my point of view ,but from everyone who meets her. She's outgoing, caring, loves to read, very boy-crazy(going to have to keep my eyes of that one lol). She sees the world as an adventure and charges it with both feet! Then we come to the last(Sebastian, just turned 5 in June).He's the child that has overcame so much in a  short life. He's full of smiles almost all the time.He's more sensitive then the others. He also has a sense of humor that will not quit!He sees the world thru his heart.He learned to read while he was only 2. He has an eye that is already nearly blind ,so i started his education very early.His nickname is Sunshine for all the obvious reasons. Finally about myself. My name is Michele although I go by Micki.I am 38( b-day in May). I live my days lately mostly in pain.I have to take a lot of meds just to function.I think that's what I would have to say I hate the most about my life right now…..the pain and the meds. The inability to do what needs to be done the way I have always done it. Been a single parent for the last 14 years, I left my ex-husband when I was still pregnant with Sky. I love the outdoors and to me the best thing God ever made were sunsets and sunrises! There is just something about seeing what true beauty is when things seem so messed up and unpredictability. I have several cats and two boxer dogs. Needless to say, I have a house full. I'm going on my second year of homeschooling the kids.The school system really does suck here. It isn't like it was when i went to school here in the 70's and 80's.The teachers do the best they can i believe, but it has gotten to be all about the poltics and not the kids. Anyways this is me and welcome to my world! BE BLESSED


~ by welcometomyworld on June 25, 2006.

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