Monday June 26,2006

Today was an outday…… meaning I was out for most of it. I had breakfast with a dear friend this morning and then did alot of running around paying bills and shopping.We are having a cookout next weekend ,and I hate waiting for the last minute to get things done. Another friend did my running with me, It  was great times. Nothing really we did , just spending time away from the house for a change made all the difference.MY GIRLS COME HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!! man,it is about time for real.. They have been having a rough time with my ex’s wife. She actually threw my daughter against the wall on Thursday……….over a camera that accidently got knocked off the steps and Tim ran over with the lawn mower. At the same time i heard that, I also heard that Toni has been yelling none stop at them and was alway belittleing them. I swear, they will not be going back!!!!!!!!!!!I Then heard Tim did nothing about it.I can undetrstand the spot he’s in but damn it thiese are his girls.Yes she is his wife but……does one set of girls anymore important then another?His only responce was “she’s my wife”.I really don’t care if she was his god……stand up for the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PERIOD! If it wasn’t for the fact that Kentucky was hours away,I would go there and get them myself.I only found this out on Friday.I did arrange for them to stay with their grandmother for the remainer of the visit. At least I was able to do that. Got to make about a million hambugers now so ……


~ by welcometomyworld on June 26, 2006.

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