Over thinking?

The middle of the night is my time.The house is quiet and kids, animals and things are down.I spend alot of time just thinking,looking over the day’s events, conversations I held,things of past and future, and friends.Sometimes I just ponder things of awe.I started this category for that very reason to get those thoughts and feelings out and into the open . I think I was hoping that by doing this ,I would be able to step back and take a better look at my life……..maybe start to appreciate what I have done and/or my life in-general.I take life very seriously now.I never use to though as bad as I have the last 10 years or so.

I’ve always been a thinker as far back as I can remember.It has been said that I over think things,but how can someone actually over think?I guess I can see somewhat  what they mean by it ,but not sure if i really believe it.I have a few friends that I spend a lot of time thinking about.I really want to understand them,to see who the are,but it doesn’t help that most of the time they talk in circles.They never quite say it out right and open,so I’m left either confused or misunderstanding them. I use this time alone to try to figure them out.

What’s wrong with trying to understand what others see?It actually drives me crazy most of the time!I’m driven by some unknown force to understand because by understanding maybe I can accept them even more, be more of a friend, perhaps even be a better person myself.I think you should accept everyone as they are, for who they are, and not what you want or hope they will be;therefore, you have to try a little harder to understand them. I believe only then can friends be truely friends……the good, the bad,the ugly, and all that goes inbetween!


~ by welcometomyworld on July 2, 2006.

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