Saturday July 1,2006

My goodness…it’s July already!I didn’t realize this until I started writing this….where has the year went?The kids and I have been working out in the yard,but to say the truth of it I WOULD RATHER BE FISHING!!!! There’s always stuff that needs to be done , but never enough time to just go fishing.I think if I made it into a chore like mowing the grass then maybe I’ll find the time!Then who would want to ….right?Sometimes it feels like all the FUN in life has somehow been replaced with gotta do’s, must be dones, and the just can’t waits.oh  well…….

It was a beautiful day today! Hot but not too bad.The kids had a blast swimming in the new pool.I didn’t go in though because as usual I had too much to do.It was good nevertheless because at least they were not unfoot.I started building the new wall today……It’s going inbetween the diningroom and the kitchen.I’m trying to make each a real room instead of one big room with little or no counter or cabinet space.Sterling has to help me carry the wood ,but it’s really no big deal.She’s like me……..likes to work with her hands and her mind.


~ by welcometomyworld on July 2, 2006.

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