Sunday morning July 2,2006 I just saw……..

I just watched the sunrise outside on my swing.The colors in the sky were amazing!I will never tire of them. I’m reminded that with every ending , there is a bigger beginning.Something so breath taking, so much bigger then we are if only we open up our eyes to see it.It is those moments that we, as humans, often forget to pay attention .We go about our day complaining about whatever or nothing,and we forget to look around us missing all the little wonders that as a child made us say awwwwww. I often watch Sebastian(5) playing in the yard.He sees everything with a freshness I only wish I had.He wakes up every morning regardless of the weather and states”what a beautiful day”.Sunrises are something he and I often do together,and I am amazed how differently he sees them….No detail missed, no sound unheard.To see the world thru a childs eye, it is the most truest form of truth one can ever experience.


~ by welcometomyworld on July 2, 2006.

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