July 7,2006(amended)

I’m listening to a Friend on an Internet radio station……the songs he’s playing I haven’t heard in eons.I’m surprised to how many memories it is bringing up. Things I haven’t thought of in years because I they just didn’t matter…Funny though because a smile hasn’t left my face…..My first dance ever they played Hot Stuff….telling my age now huh?oh well.It was my first crush with a boy named Joesph Hassell. Man, I thought he was the cat’s meow.Blond hair , the bluest eyes and a smile that melted ya upon the first glace….man I haven’t thought of him in years….wonder what’s he doing now…..Is he happy, have kids and a wife…..?

Today the weather is finally cooler and my spirits are high. About time for both to happen!!!!This is what at peace feels like….been so long I almost forgot.lol…I’m thinking  about going fishing tomorrow and Sunday. I think then I would truly be in heaven.Life always seems better after a few days of hearing the ocean beating against the shore.

later that night……….went to Bingo with my mom tonight. Not that I really like the game, but My mom needed company……my company.So, Sterling and I went.I won 50 dollars ….couldn’t believe my luck!!!!!!Mom had been having a not so good day. She’s been having a lot of those lately. With her breathing problems, she can’t handle the heat very well.She gets depressed a lot because of it,but I think its more because she stays home and is lonely.Afterwards, I went to my old job…Walmart. Sterling and I hung out there for a while …….It was good to see the people I worked with so long.I hate to admit this, but I miss my job!I always enjoyed working ,and I don’t like the fact that it is too hard to do anymore.I had several people yelling at me  because I haven’t contacted them since I left. I tried to explain that up until the last 5 days or so it had been a lot of dark days for me.I promised to do better and they were finally OK with it.I might even make it to the Saturday morning breakfast.Over all, it was a wonderful experience and a good day.Made a observation about myself today….when the pain isn’t very bad, my spirit is good. Today , for the 4th day in a row, my spirits have been high and the pain bearable.I am even feeling like the Micki I always remembered. For today……….life is good!


~ by welcometomyworld on July 7, 2006.

3 Responses to “July 7,2006(amended)”

  1. Music is a strange thing, isn’t it? If I hear Barry Manilow’s Mandy I can actually smell my first boyfriend’s musk aftershave…

    (what does that say about my age…? LOL

  2. Oh, and as an afterthought: Whenever I smell musk, I remember the words of Mandy

  3. hi there .. nice ta see someone brought a smile to your face today then .. 😉 must have been a great dj eh 😉 nice also that ya won some dosh .. sure it came in handy .. any chance of a lend ..lol ????

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