Murphy’s Law

Have you ever noticed what can go wrong usually does? It’s called Murphy’s Law.Yes, it actually has a name!I don’t know who this Murphy was ,but he was one person I wish didn’t leave his mark on the world or know my name!

Murphy must be following me around this week because anything that could go wrong has! After going fishing last Saturday and Sunday and bring home some decent fish, I slept nearly 17 hours.I never do that! Monday morning I woke up with a migraine headache that wouldn’t go away for most of the day. Upon finally getting rid of it, I started to cook dinner. I cooked a roast with all the works. It smelled really good!Unfortunately, we never got to eat it. I was separating the crock from the cooker when my hands went totally numb, dropping the whole thing on the floor.Needless to say, I broke it in a million pieces. My favorite big crock-pot now fit for nothing else then the garbage.The kids ate sandwiches for supper.I guess because I slept so long Sunday/Monday I wasn’t tired Monday night.I spent the night just thinking about stuff and cleaning the house. I was suppose to meet someone Tuesday morning for breakfast. Around 6 o’clock am the cable went out for whatever reason and after my shower I sat on the couch.The house was quiet and somewhat dark ,and I must have fallen asleep.I woke up at 8:30 and was suppose to meet my friend at 7.Gratefully my friend understood and just rescheduled it for Wednesday morning.Later the same day,my lawnmower broke down again …..this time i need a brand new carburetor.It can’t be re-fixed.Who has the extra funds for that????!An hour later another friend calls me.Somehow or another we get into an argument and now aren’t speaking.What was it about????………I still can’t remember.

Wednesday morning came and I met them without too much trouble.He was going to help me learn how to make some new rigs for fishing. I thought I had bought all the stuff we would need.OOOOOOPS wrong again! Actually, I had nothing we needed!!! Not one thing in my tackle box could be used.After leaving him I came home to find that my daughter SKY,trying to help me wash clothes, decided that my favorite oldest shirt(dark blue with running wolves) needed to be washed with a load of white clothes in which she added too much bleach.Don’t blame her for trying to help, but when i pulled the clothes, my shirt isn’t even suitable for the rag pile…….it was shredded along with half of the other white clothes we own.

Today I was suppose to meet my friend again to try to make those rigs.I woke up at 2am just because I do that and stayed up practicing some other knots so I didn’t look like a total loser.I really don’t think he would think that but ……pride made me do it! lol. I was suppose to meet him at 6:30 am about 5 minutes or so from my house.6:26 and I grab my keys to leave. I walk outside , get into my van, turn the key on, put it into reverse and start down the driveway………It wasn’t rolling right! I put it back into park and step outside to look what’s up…………………A FLAT TIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I start to fix it when i realize my jack was missing.I began to think if I had let someone borrow it and if so who?.I remember.Sebastian’s dad…so I call him up to drop it off before he goes to work.He shows up a few minutes later(it’s already 7:30 ,I’m an hour late),and I was grateful he went ahead and fixed it for me.This time I am not going to give my friend a reason for missing him yet again.I only stated Murphy’s Law strikes again. Not sure if he will even know what I am talking about or not. This so far has been the week from hell and will be sooo glad when it comes to pass.It is only 4:41 pm and the day still has a long time to go before it can be over. Does anyone else like to take Murphy for the rest of the day and give me a break?I’ll give you MONEY!!!!!!lol


~ by welcometomyworld on July 13, 2006.

One Response to “Murphy’s Law”

  1. Oh Micki….you need a HUG, girl!


    Now, Murphy…..take a friggin’ hike!!!

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