Dear Friend

 Dear Friend,

      I know you will never read this letter I am writing to you.Not because you wouldn’t want to, but because I will never send it to you.Our friendship is so confusing.You told me once that you could mess with my mind, and I told you I could handle anything you throw at me….I still think I can to tell you the truth. I have so many questions I would love to ask you about why you do some of the things you do.Why your actions and your words are so opposite from each other.How you can be so afraid of me and yet want/demand me to stick around. So many times I wanted to walk away from you;however, something keeps me by your side.Maybe it’s because in  my heart I know you need me there, something about me makes you feel safe and less alone.You once called me your shadow.When I asked you why that nickname, you very causally said because whether I was beside you literally or not you knew I was right there with you.I’ve always been concerned about how you feel, what you think, the things going on in your life that troubles you,and will you ever be truly happy.In all the years that I have known you , I have never changed in how I’ve acted either towards you or around you.But over the last year or so, you have.When we are interacting one on one we are as we have always been more or less, but whenever someone else enters the picture, I suddenly become invisible.Why all of a sudden is this the way it is?Are you ashamed to let them know we know each other?Is it enough for you to know that I am still there , but don’t want them to know?Why is it as soon as they walk away you know me again?You have hurt me more times then you will ever know because I chose to hide it from you.Not because I thought you wouldn’t care but because I knew it would hurt you to know.I know you care about me!I know you like being around me!That was never the a question or doubt of mine.As  the days and events of your life continue to develop as everyone’s does, remember  not only in your mind but in your heart, that there on the sidelines waits a friend who loves you, is concerned about you, and will always be willing to lend you a  hand and a hug.


                               Your Shadow


~ by welcometomyworld on July 18, 2006.

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