A Moment For You Treat yourself well.

A Moment For You Treat yourself well.

Every day, you show others kindness,
compassion and respect, you’re a cheerleader, a lifesaver, a
godsend, When someone shares a fear with you, you magically make
it go away. When someone share a dream with you, your encouraging
words help make it happen: They’re some of the most powerful
confidence boosters around. And that’s not all. In others, you
overlook the bad and celebrate the good; you cut them some slack;
you let things slide. It’s time you did the same for the woman in
the mirror. She deserves the same tender loving care you show
everyone else. Smile at her. Believe in her. Cut her some slack,
Remember, She’s a close friend, too.

                 A dear friend sent me this today via email.She said she thought of me upon first reading it.It made me cry.It made me see that no matter how invisible I feel to the outside world and people in it ,at least one person saw me.It actually states a truth……..although I am a friend to everyone I meet(or try to be) I am NOT often a friend to myself.Its funny,I’ve been told most of my life that I am my worst enemy. Although I listened to what they said,I guess I never really heard them.This one simple message,sent with love and wisdom, made me see that maybe I NEED TO SEE ME TOO and accept what it says as truth……I am not invisible,I am important,and my wants and needs are real and need to be acknowledged by me ,and I really do make a difference. Perhaps it’s time to change how I see myself.


~ by welcometomyworld on July 20, 2006.

One Response to “A Moment For You Treat yourself well.”

  1. What a beautiful message! Not always easy to do, is it?

    All God’s creatures are special and LOVED! Regardless of outside circumstances. Very cool.

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