July 24,2006

I’ve been helping a friend remodel their house since Friday.Believe it or not,we are getting a lot done….more then I had thought we would.We are redoing her diningroom……..ripping out walls,floors and putting in frenchdoors.So far we have the frenchdoors put in ,the old hardwood floors removed and are sanding them plank by plank.We should be done with it by tomorrow evening and have it reinstalled.The house was built in the 40’s, so the hardwood is real HARDWOOD!I told her I would help her until Thursday night because Friday Sterling and I are going fishing come hell or high water ! lol We were going to go last Thursday, but I told my friend I would help her instead.Other then helping her , not much else is happening.


~ by welcometomyworld on July 25, 2006.

One Response to “July 24,2006”

  1. Now THAT is work! Rewarding though. Kudos to you for being such a good friend and helping her out!

    I love old houses, especially hardwood floors. I bet it’s going to be beautiful when you’re done.

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