I give up!!!!!!

I GIVE UP!!!!!!!This world ,this life is to too much to handle anymore.I have always handled whatever was handed to me because I knew God would never give me more then I could handle, but even HE has forsaken me. I have tried to live a good life…..treat all people with love and respect, to help anyone in need, tried to make sure everyone around me was happy, to be understanding and accepting of all around me.What have I ever done to deserve this crap handed to me repeatedly?I have handled it all alone my whole life, and I AM TIRED!!!!Friendships are falling apart.I just found out my SSI was denied.Bills are not being paid….not because I blow the money elsewhere but because there isn’t much of it.My car started acting up the other day.My house is falling apart faster then I can fix it. Can’t fix it right because of back and lack of money. My girls are unhappy and my son is clueless.I can never do enough to please ANYONE.If he was a merciful God he would take me in my sleep,but I know he wont because he isn’t………..I’m really not doing anyone any good here……….I can’t deal with all the stress anymore….it’s killing me. I’m tire of pretending very thing is good when actually it all sucks!I’m tired of feeling inadequate with everything and everyone I know.I’m tired of putting EVERYONE first , they never notice anyways.I’m tired of living if this is all life has to offer me……….I never think of my wants or needs until now…..And i want to be dead!


~ by welcometomyworld on July 26, 2006.

2 Responses to “I give up!!!!!!”

  1. Don’t even THINK about that!!!!

    Our trials are there to teach us, as bad as they hurt. God made you for a very special reason, so don’t ever let ANYONE tell you that you aren’t SPECIAL and WORTHY!!!!! Sometimes I think we try to hard. Just kick back a little and treat yourself.

    Email me if you need to vent or talk to someone. Don’t do anything stupid! We need you…..


    Don’t Let It Bring You Down – Paul McCartney and Wings, from the album “London Town”

    Though some things in life are hard to bear
    Don’t let it bring you down
    Should the sand of time run out on you
    Don’t let it bring you down

    Don’t go down – don’t go underground
    Things seem strange, but they change
    How they change

    Up and down your carousel will go
    Don’t let it bring you down

    Don’t go down – don’t get out of town
    Get to know how it goes, how it goes

    When the price you have to pay is high
    Don’t let it bring you down

  2. Hey Micki, don’t do anything stupid!! Such days do come to me sometimes… but down days teach you to appreciate the good times that you’ll have afterwards! Don’t sit down and think about each and everything bad that’s coming down on you at once. Self-pity will make you feel much, much worse. And I do know what I’m talking about, even if I don’t know what to tell you to make you feel better.

    If you’re tired of putting everyone else first, then DON’T!! It’s a good thing you’re starting to recognize that you have needs too. Now simply act. (Yeah right, simply… I know it’s easier than done.

    Probably spitting it all out here will help. Read it again in a week and you’ll be surprised that you really felt that bad..

    Wish you well girl!!!

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