my weekend July 29,30 2006

fishing-trip-729-302006s.jpgWe got to the beach around midnight.Instead of going to the bridge we decided to go to our old stomping grounds…….Avalon Fishing pier. It was so nice. The beating of the waves along the shore. The gentle swing of the pier as water passed underneath.We were one among three groups on the pier.The wind blowing just enough to make it enjoyable and cool but not with the chill it usually has.My mind emptied with the peacefulness of it all.The hours passed as if it where only moments.Around 4 o’clock we fumbled on what appears to be a huge school of spots.Between sterling and I(mostly me lol) we had 50 or more under our belt before 5am. I watched the sunrise. It was a cloudy morning so the sun was fighting it’s way up. It reminded  me of a cold winter morning where you just move the covers enough to test you really don’t want to uncover completely .Around 6 or so the people started to fill the pier ,so Sterling and I decided to go else where. We ended up at the bridge.The bridge has a catwalk beside it for the people to fish.I remember crossing the bridge when I was a bit younger but never noticed the catwalk.The bridge crosses where the sound meets the ocean.You see a lot of different kinds of fish then you do at the pier. We caught some little blowfish, some more small black bass, and some funny looking fish that I think they were toadfish.I brought on home to show a friend of mine here, but we wont be able to get together this week 😦 .The bridge isn’t as peaceful as the pier is because of the racing cars crossing the bridge.I swear I think people think because its a longer bridge there is no speed limit because all you hear is vooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmm as they pass!Fishing was kind of slow at the bridge. It happens sometimes.We were able to keep a speckle trout,a few more spots , and a puppy drum. A total of 4 fish from the bridge…saddddddddddd. You know the difference between people who fish and fisher people????People who fish runs on the first sign of a storm and fisher people stay and fish. A small thunderstorm came while we were fishing.It was a beautiful show!!!Before the storm the catwalk was full, but during and just after it there were only two of us, me and this other guy(I made Sterling go out to the van with great protest from her).I noticed as dusk began to come my thoughts returned of people and problems I was running away from.Not so much the problems but of people.Its funny ,I had been up since 4am Saturday morning and it was then near 8pm Sunday. I found myself in a daze a few times and while in that daze their face appeared. I hadn’t thought about them since I started this trip.It wasn’t bad or sad things that showed in my thought but ways to say what I have longed wanted to say.In those thoughts, it seemed to be so easy.Why can’t it really be that way?We finally got home just after 11 pm. We brought in what needed to be brought in, I answered a few emails,showered and went to bed.We saved the cleaning of the fish  for today ,so I guess I need to clean some fish.


~ by welcometomyworld on July 31, 2006.

2 Responses to “my weekend July 29,30 2006”

  1. Where’s the fish pic? 😉

  2. There it is! Holy Toledo, that’s a lot o’ fish…

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