Being Misunderstood

   Most of my life,I have been misunderstood.So often my plain just caring is misunderstood as ever lasting love.I love and care uncontitionally  because I know no other way.Yet, often it is misread.A hug does not mean I want to have sex with you.A touch on your arm does not mean I am interested in a long and lasting love ask you to sit and share a sunset or sunrise with me does not mean anything other then that I want to share a beautiful thing with you.For me to say I love you does not mean I am in love with you but that I appreciate who you are as a person and respect you.When I say you are my friend , it does not mean I can’t live without you.However, I do like your company and enjoy being around you!For me to say I miss you does not mean that I have been miserable without you ,but because you are important,I’ve noticed you’ve not been around.To share my feelings with you says I trust you,not that I need you.To say I need you does not mean I am weak without you but that respect your strengths when mine is shaky.To ask a question does not mean I am stupid, but I trust your experience and opinion.When I say I understand, it’s because either I’ve been where you are now or have given it A LOT of thought.I do not play games or say or do things just because, there is ALWAYS a reason.I am not phony or fake or believe in wasting my time;therefore, I do not put on airs. You see what you get with me. I get angry and hurt like anyone else,but I choose to keep it inside.Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.Just means I choose my battles.Because I think about you does not mean that you are the center of my world,but that I am truly trying to understand the person you are.I am happy with my life and myself  most of the time, but I suffer with depression like everyone else from time to time. I take care of others…….that’s what I do.I put others needs in front of my own not because mine isn’t important but because I know they will get met eventually and am willing to wait.I am not simple because I am not complicated or complicated because I am simple.I have dreams and hopes ,but they do not run my life.At times I might feel trapped or hopeless , but I know my time to be free will come and I will wait for it. I know most of the time I feel invisible , but I’m willing to be the world’s shadow for shadows see more.In other words, I watch the world and the people in it.When people do not really see you , they let their guard down and you can see them for who they are…….not the mask they hold up.I look into the heart and soul of a person not their outward appearance.  The most beautiful person on the outside can have no heart or soul.I am me and no one else nor do I wish to be.


~ by welcometomyworld on August 2, 2006.

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  1. i related to this

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