August 3,2006

Man can’t believe its August already.Where has the year gone?It’s 96 degrees here in North Carolina with a heat index of 111. I can’t wait until winter(if you can call it that) gets here.It has been like this all week and no relief in sight.

Sterling and I are making plans for another fishing trip this weekend.I hope we do as well as we did last weekend!I asked Sky if she wanted to come along ,but her and fishing are like water and oil……………….don’t mix well!She’s fine as long as they are biting , but the dry spells kill her.Guess some people just aren’t made to be fisher-people.I found out what I thought was a  toadfish wasn’t. picture_40.jpgA friend who knows more about the species then me told me it was a Tropical Porcipine. A bad sign for fishing.Means the water is hotter then it should be  and other species can’t or won’t stay around.It would explain why fishing  was so slow on the bridge ,and why I caught so many of these ugly things! Let’s hope they aren’t around this weekend.

Other then the heat and the daily trails of day to day, life isn’t to bad to be in. Let’s hope it stays that way.   


~ by welcometomyworld on August 3, 2006.

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