Time can be a funny thing.It can get away from you.It can pass before your eyes.It can even fly by.You know tho if given enough of it, it works things out for ya.

     When it comes to things like work tasks,chores,things getting done, I have very little patience or tolerance with slowness ,and want results done now.With people, however,I can give them all the time, patience and tolerance they need even if it puts my own sanity in danger.I guess its part of accepting and unconditionally.I never really gave it much thought ……..I know I just do it.Things have been bothering me a lot lately ….actually for awhile now.I would rack my brain trying to understand “why me” is this stuff happening.Didn’t feel sorry for myself  about it but desperately wanted an understanding of it.Well, tonight something happened that allowed so much of  the confusion to become clearer and understandable.Don’t get me wrong, there are still things needing answers for but overall I feel peace where I was lost.I misunderstood so many things , and I blamed myself for stuff that wasn’t even really about me.Everyone has their own demons, and those demons are their own to do battle with and not for me to fight.I was connected to the problem but NOT THE PROBLEM!That is what I didn’t understand.Its funny how it just clicks like a light being turned on.

I guess if I give the rest enough time,it too will work itself out.I only hope I can be patient enough to allow it to,but I think I will.


~ by welcometomyworld on August 5, 2006.

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