Nothing is sacred!

nothing is scared As I readied my tacklebox(well one of them) for a weekend of fishing I guess I left it open too long.If they weren’t laying in the box, they were trying to carry away the artificial bait.With these two,Sunny and Precious(aka anklebiter) nothing is sacred! There isn’t any small space in this house that is safe from these two. Sunny’s favorite place to lay is in one side of his double food bowl(it’s not a really big bowl and he barely fits anymore).Precious’ favorite place is anywhere she will be in the way!

These are my two most funniest cats…..a real pain as you know!lol They are brother and sister and are about 4 months old.Precious is so laid back while Sunny is always into something all the time. You put the two together and trouble will be had!


~ by welcometomyworld on August 17, 2006.

2 Responses to “Nothing is sacred!”

  1. Too cute!!! But don’t you mean “sacred?” 😉

    They look like they’re ready for some fishin’. LOL

  2. what can I say…………I had to redo it several times cause wordpress is having brain farts :)) that and little dyslexic this morning…..thank you for the correction and knowing what i meant anyways lol hugs

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