The Simple Things

     It’s funny actually how we as humans overlook the simple things of life……Have you ever really looked into a stranger’s eyes and wondered what life was like for them ?Or watch a child at play and wondered what they saw when they looked at an ant marching along the sand?We ,as humans in general,are so busy with our lives we forget to appreciate what it is like to be someone else… to see the world as they do.My friend Kathy was right when she said people are the way they are for a reason.We don’t know what in their life happened to make them act the way they do,feel the way they do,react the way they do.Have we evolved so much or regressed that far that we forget to see or care?

    The other day it was a really bad day me.I was stuck inside my own mind when I passed a man sitting on a bench.It was at the water front here where I live.Actually, it is where I go to figure stuff out in my mind for being near the water calms my soul most of the time.Anyways, as I walked by this man sitting on the bench all alone , I happened to look up at him and his eyes met mine for only a moment.As they did,he smiled at me.Of course I smiled back,for those who know me knew I would.He invited me to sit down for a minute if I had time.I accepted his invitation.We sat there just looking out onto the water in silence for what seemed like a long time.

   After awhile,he started to tell me about a woman he had known for nearly 40 years.I sat there and just listened to him talk.He told me of the wonderful things she did for others.How she loved to come to that very bench to watch the ducks in the evening long ago when they were younger,but  she hadn’t been able to go there for some years because of her  health.He went on to say how much he cared for her through the years even though they all weren’t as easy as he had hope for her.He then fell silent for a few moments.He looked so sad and broken.Then he looked at me and said……she had passed away the other  day ,and he came there to that bench to be closer to her.

   Its the simple things that are important……The things we take for granite……A smile at a stranger,An ear just to listen,A few minutes to spare to a stranger,The fact we are alive to give these things.Perhaps,the world would be a better place if we did.






~ by welcometomyworld on August 19, 2006.

2 Responses to “The Simple Things”

  1. My heart goes out to that man…how nice for you to sit with him and listen to his story. A great reminder for all of us how precious it all is!

  2. Yes it is….I saw him today(saturday) at the store. He remembered me and gave me a hug……..I guess it really is about the simple things we sometimes forget that are important if not to us then to the ones we touch.

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