The problems with writing

     You know what the problem with writing is…… matter how may times you reread it ,there are still errors. I guess it’s because I wrote it I know what it is suppose to say;therefore, I automatically fix it in my mind what it doesn’t say on paper.I spell check things every time i write ,but if the word is spelled right but the grammar is wrong it doesn’t do any good.It leaves me looking like an idiot or something. Which I am NOT!……..Actually far from it.I had the same problem in school when I was younger.Perhaps, it’s because I have so much I want to say, I rush it a little or am hasty. Maybe it’s because I write how i truly think. I’m not sure which is true.I think that’s why I encourage comments so much from my friends who aren’t afraid to correct me.If they only knew how much I appreciated it, theymay do it more often .lol Any suggestions to help me with this would be GRATEFULLY appreciated.


~ by welcometomyworld on August 20, 2006.

4 Responses to “The problems with writing”

  1. sorry, I have no other advice apart from reading it over and over again – maybe leaving some time before re-reading will help, too.
    In my case, I usually find mistakes as soon as I hit “publish” or “send”…

    It’s easier to read – and spot mistakes – if you split up your writing in paragraphs!

  2. Yep, paragraphs are good. I sometimes use Google’s Writely or MS Word to write my actual post, and when I think it’s perfect, I paste it over to my blog. Sometimes a bigger screen helps for me, not sure why.

    You know though, you define your own goal, as far as writing. I think I do write the way I think in my head, or the way I speak, and it works for me. lol-sorry for rambling.

  3. Yea beanie I do the same thing about as or just after I hit the send/publish button…….I usually leave a few days after I write my poems per say to proof read ……..I also have a good friend that i send them to before posting them……..the last one”The Fight” they even said was fine but had two very wrong words in it before i saw it ……..NOONE is perfect. Not the first time I heard about Paragraphs…I’ll continue to work on them and that. Thanks for the feed back! hugs

  4. Ranting………I’ll give your suggestion a try. I have word on my harddrive just never thought of using it for the blog.Mostly I just let the words flow and for the most part the stuff comes out ok. I think I DO write how I think(often misspell words in my thoughts as well I think!) lmao.Awful speller I am!Anytime you want to ramble help yourself….lol……Look forward to your sound feedback…….and everything you have said so far is very sound. Thanks again. hugs, micki

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