The Honest Truth….

  Sometimes the truth(the complete and honest truth)is hard to admit especially if it is the one true fear you’ve held secret for so long.The one thing that you never wanted to face about yourself because the cost is to high, the pain to great.In the end you think you know the outcome to be(At least ,you think you do),so you avoid it at all possible cost..So,you doom yourself to failure before even giving it a chance to succeed.

    Is denying it really lying or just a way of making yourself feel better,feel safer………more in control?See, that’s the important question.The one that no answer can be found,or really wanted to be found. It could mean that everything you always believed to be true and correct …is…..and not just a thought in your head , a feeling you always felt ,but a reality as it truly is.That’s what scares me I think the most.



~ by welcometomyworld on August 24, 2006.

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