What Was I Thinking????!

  For those who know me know that I have Fibromyalgia and pretty much stay in pain all the time.What most don’t know is as a young teenager and adult I use to train horses.I was a Breaker/trainer. I loved it.I was the type that if they threw me I jumped back on cussing like a sailor.My stubbornness was a blessing and a curse.I was good at what I did.

  Last night,it was a curse.My neighbor has ponies.They are mainly for cart shows and kiddie rides,but they are trying to retrain Demon.He has only been ridden with a person leading him.He knows voice commands and a few sounds.Up to the challenge,I jump on this pony with only a lead(tied as reins)and his harness.I treated him like any other horse I have ever known.What I didn’t do was treat him like a pony!I never knew there was a difference since I never messed with them.Well……………there is!

  I had him walking after a lot of effort.It was going so well and to admit the truth of it all I was proud that I still had it.ooooops, wrong way of thinking!I kicked his sides to get him to trot and spooked him.Needless to say.I said hello to the ground shoulder first.Oh I was mad! I jumped back on his back more determine then before.Before long I was eating grass again……..again landing on my shoulder the same one.I was in a great deal of pain but still I jumped on his back again.I finally got him to trot for me! HA i won!!!!!

  The cost…………I can babrely move my right arm even with the morphine and other pain meds I take daily.Did I learn my lesson???? Probably not knowing me but am left wondering……….WHAT WAS I THINKING!?


~ by welcometomyworld on August 26, 2006.

One Response to “What Was I Thinking????!”

  1. Owwww Micki!!! Hope you’re feeling better soon. *HUGS*

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