A Friend’s View Of Himself

     I saw a good friend today for a little while.Time is always a problem with him……he never seems to have enough of it.He has been going through some things for the last couple of months.Although he’s doing better, he has accepted facts about his life that are way off. I’m really not sure how to help other then what I’ve been doing for years.

     His comment was,”I have come to accept that my life I’m suppose to be miserable,so miserable I will be.”.Then said,”I am so tired of life.”. Neither of those comment meant he was suicidal, but stressed beyond what he should be and sees his life as a hopeless trap that he is force to live.I have known he has felt that for a while and as time goes on it seems to be getting worst for him.The thing is if he finds or discovers something that brings him any happiness or any sense of freedom from this,he will do whatever it takes to make it disappear.He once said,”I don’t know how to handle happiness.”, and for him I believe he really feels this as fact.

     He’s a great  guy….funny,charming,talented,smart,interesting,caring,easy to talk to,and not bad looking if I say so myself ,but still he thinks he has nothing to offer that anyone would want not really.Yet at the same time,says he’s selfish and self centered.I don’t see this of him.I know from past experience if I said I needed to talk he would find the time to chat with me.He has done this with a number of people,so how can he believe he is those things.

     His past several years really haven’t been pleasant ones for him .I will give him that.I try to bring him any sort of happiness that I can or that he will allow.I don’t understand is this……..how can he believe that all he deserves is misery?I mean sometimes I think that about myself and my own life,but I know in my soul that there is more out there.How do you bring hope to someone who feels hopeless?I try to encourage by saying and doing positive thoughts,things, and feelings,but he often rejects them as something unbelievable and untrue.I must admit sometimes I get sucked up into his frame of mind.Then all I can do is step back for a while and wait for things to calm back down again…….they always do eventually.

     What I wish and always have wished for him was for him to find peace and contentment from life.It’s there if he would allow it to be there.I’m not sure how I can make things better for him other then to be there if he needs a friend with all the love and acceptance I can humanly muster.With him, that’s not hard to do because he is such  a great person.Wish he saw what I saw!



~ by welcometomyworld on September 16, 2006.

3 Responses to “A Friend’s View Of Himself”

  1. The only person who can really change his life is himself. You can’t do it for him. That’s just a simple fact of life.

    If he’s that miserable, changes must happen. Otherwise, things will remain status quo.

    Don’t put the responsiblity on yourself. It’s not within your control.

  2. I agree. Being responsible for someone else’s happiness is a big job. It can also be that he’s not telling you the whole ‘picture’. It’s ust a feeling on my part from what you say.

  3. Thanks Micki, You just can’t imagine how much WE think alike.. Love the blog, and Thanks for being here tonight.. Huggs

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