Things I want before I die…..

For My Kids:

1. I want to see Jon Michael safe and sound and living on his own as a productive adult.

2.See Sterling with a good man that treats her as the gold she is.I want her happy and content in her life but mostly happy with herself!

3.For Sky,I want to her to learn that the world is bigger then she is in which she is not always going to be the center of it.

4.Regarding Sebastian,may his awe of the world around him carry him to the places of his dreams.He has such an warm heart and an amazing mind.

5.Mostly want I want for them is contentment for the wonderful people they are and happiness is always their best friend.

For my Friends:

1.For Charles my biggest wish is for him to find happiness and be OK with it.To learn that he was not put here just to be miserable but to live a wonderful life that he deserves.To see that he has so much greatness in that heart of his,and the world is just waiting for him to see it.

2. My dearest friend Darryl…..I wish for him that he finds the love he has been looking for and be able to accept it as real.To learn that it’s OK to take as much as he gives and he truly deserves every ounce of it.That it is OK to ask for what he wants…..he might just be surprised at the outcome.

3.For Beanie…..may she realize that there is a tomorrow and it’s ok to take a breath today.It all doesn’t have to be done right now… some for tomorrow.And  see the GREATNESS that is called Sabine.

4.Sherri ,I wish she finds her squeaky wheel….And for her to realize that bad things happen to good people and anger isn’t the enemy.

5.For Kathy……may she learn to cut herself some slack and realize how much of a difference she has made in every life that she has had touched……past,present,and future.

6.For all my friends mentioned here and not………..long life, health, and happiness.

For Me:

1.To find the one  who mattered most and apologize for a wrong done long ago.Allowing me to let go a guilt I have felt for a long time.Forgiving myself at the same time.

2.To ride a HobyCat 16 across a windy and wavy sea.To once again feel the feeling of flying and freedom as it rides on it’s side.

3.To travel overseas and see Ireland and England.To sit among the ruins of the past and feel the presents of those of long ago.To visit the villages and the rolling hills to which so much history has played an important part of life.

4.To go  deep sea fishing and catch a marlin or a shark.

5.To climb a mountain because it is there.

6. To sail the open waters in a sailboat without a motor for an extended amount of time and live off the resources the ocean has to offer.

7.To go scuba diving on a reef.

8.To find love and contentment but mostly true happiness.

9.To allow someone to touch my heart again without forcing a detaching distance which I have done for most of my life.

10.To not only be a friend but allow others to friend me as well!!!


~ by welcometomyworld on October 5, 2006.

2 Responses to “Things I want before I die…..”

  1. For Micki,

    To receive healing, both physically and spiritually against the world’s obstacles, and to keep that beautiful heart always. To be surrounded with the love of friends and family!

    I’m honored that you consider me your friend. I hope I can always be there for you, even though it’s only in cyberspace for now.


  2. Hey Micki, thank you for including me among your friends’ list. Although I’m seeing myself taking far too many breaths! *rolls her eyes at the stack of work on her desk* LOL!

    For you, I surely wish you’ll see all your wishes come true – and scrap that thought of “before you die”… because there’s plenty of time in which plenty of good stuff can happen!

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