Things I Have Learned In the Last Few Months:

     There are several things that I have learned in the past six months that  has changed the way I look at myself and my life.

1. Not everything that changes is all bad:

 Sometimes without knowing the reason right then, things will change. At the time you feel you are losing your grip on your so called life when the reality of it is … is what is best for you so another door can open for you.It makes you prepared for it…In a way, it breaks you down to be rebuilt.

2.Friendships grow and change:

I have had many long time friendships that seemed to change for the worst over a short period of time..I spent way too much time pondering what I had done to cause this.The truth of it is I have found out, that it was them who changed and all I needed to do was let it happen. They needed something different ,and it wasn’t anything I had done or hadn’t done to cause it.Some walked away ….while others came closer in a different way.In the end, they are better friendships because of it.

3.As bad as it seems it CAN get worst:

Just when you think you are at the end of your rope, you find the strength to keep going.Then the unspeakable happens ,the bottom falls out, thats when you really know who your friends are…the ones that really care. Nothing they do or say but they let their presence known without expecting anything.I found out I AM NOT ALONE!

4.Love comes in many forms and so does fears:

To love unconditionally is great but sometimes without limits attached in some form causes uncertainty for the other person.They know you are there for them no matter what happens but sometimes you can be there too much and it doesn’t allow they other one room to grow also. It is OK for someone you love to hurt….the important thing to do is to stand beside them to help not to do for them .That’s what love is…..letting them feel their pain and know someone cares but has faith in their ability to heal themselves by themselves.

5.I am according to other people:

Diligent, tough, brave, funny, lovable, fun, obsessive, caring, admirable,persistent,strong,humor,unyielding,stubborn,forgiving,and determined.

this was the responses to an email that asked for one word that best describes me.If I left any out, please correct me and I apologize in advance.

6.The most important thing I have learned is this:

I think too damn much!!!!! 🙂


~ by welcometomyworld on November 21, 2006.

One Response to “Things I Have Learned In the Last Few Months:”

  1. I think I’m guilty of that last part myself. LOL!

    As I count my blessings tomorrow, I’m remembering and thankful for our friendship, Micki! 🙂 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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