The New and Improved

 Its funny the “new and improve” to me actually describes that something BETTER is taking place.My cable company went from yucky Adelphia cable to better Time Warner cable. Now let me tell you about the better service T.W……IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

Since the conversion my internet service is nearly non-existence…..meaning it is out more then it is working. Since 12am Wednesday night/Thursday morning until sometime this morning(Friday) the internet was out of order. That made it  a grand total of only working three days this week.That is better the 30 days out of the month with Adelphia?????Guess my math is lacking because I always thought 30 was better then 3.Perhaps I need to go back to school and relearn my math.

So to those who didn’t hear from me yesterday HAPPY THANKSGIVING….sometimes late is better then never. ….sorry.It really wasn’t my lack of desire to wish all well but my wonderful “new and improved” cable company’s idea of good customer service and quality. Well I better post this before My service gets better again and someone wakes up at their post and turns off the internet again !roflmao :p


~ by welcometomyworld on November 24, 2006.

One Response to “The New and Improved”

  1. Oh Micki, believe me, I know where you’re coming from… It’s so frustrating to know that we consumers are mere puppets in the mighty’s claws!!!

    Happy thanksgiving to you too… it isn’t celebrated over here, but still 🙂

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