My Day

 The day starts off like any other day.Wake up at 4am,get out of bed,visit the bathroom to you know and wash face,brush teeth. Then trip over the dog, get ran into by the cat on the way to make coffee. Go to get the coffee grounds just to find out the container is empty AGAIN. Get the latter(yes too short to  reach cabinet with out it) get coffee grounds…..apply grounds,water, and turn on coffee maker. 15 minutes later go to get a cup of coffee….WHAT no coffee is not ready yet, forgot to plug in coffee maker.Plug in coffee maker. 15 MORE minutes finally get coffee. Sit down to drink coffee and check what people did on facebook while i was sleeping.5 minutes later (nothing there to see) , I then turn on messenger to check emails…..nothing to see there either. Time to get dress and get another cup of coffee.

 7am phone starts to ring none stop……… doctor appointment reminders, telemarketers,and unknown callers.Turns ringer off. I then started taking the washing machine a part so next week I can get the new part.(Washer broke a few days ago). Look a the clock …only 9am. Day seems to be creeping along. Bored out of my mind at this point! I check to see what is on TV…nothing good so I turn to facebook again…Noone on and not too many post to look at.

Ok so now I try to find something to do..WAIT… forgot to feed the pets. I know this because everywhere I walk I have a trail of animals following me. Get their bowls and fill with their food…YAY happy pets and noone playing “follow the leader” anymore.

Time for a cup of coffee and a smoke. Walk into the bathroom and start cleaning it.Seems like noone in this house knows how to rinse toothpaste out of the sink.Makes mental note to fuss later. Done washing everything and sweeping floor. Looks at clock again ….Cool it is noon

Dog decides it is time to ” follow the leader”again…has to go potty again.Takes her outside so she can just stand there looking around….no potty this time ,false alarm. Go back inside and checks Facebook again…oh look a few status postings, game request, and spam.  Tries to add new video chat to facebook……get error error error. Oh well did not want anyone to see me anyways lol. Logs off computer. Trips over dog .Gets ran over by a cat who is chasing another cat. Walks into the kitchen and stares at the washing machine sitting in middle of floor disassembled. Shakes head and goes back into livingroom. Starts dusting to find out no more dusting spray. CRAP! Did not want to dust anyways!!!! pulls out vacuum and starts to vacuum floor, belt breaks on vacuum cleaner. OH GREAT!!! One more thing not wanting to work today. Looks at clock……..yay 4pm.

Time to start dinner! What to have? Can not figure out what to cook….sandwiches sound good..problem solved. Go back to Facebook and play game for awhile…… locks up…well did not want to play it anyways! Just sits in chair staring at computer blank screen and window to the outside. Wishing I had a car to go somewhere else…….oh well have no money too spend anyways so better to stay home. Goes to cabinet and gets hit by plastic wear…..yes we have attack tupperware.  Starts to take it all out to organize it better….OH my goodness HAPPY DAY!!  finds a bottle of Buttershots hidden in the back……yummy I know what I am doing tonight, I think!

7pm……..gets glass and pours buttershot into it. Cell phone rings……Urgh. Forgot to turn it off as well.Mental note to self…turn all phones off. Finally sits down to take a sip of buttery goodness….knock at door……outside dog busted chain and is running the neighborhood. Goes to catch dog and finally tricks her to coming to me. Had to rig a new collar for her, but she is no safe at home and tied up. Goes back inside and tries to sit down again to drink my drink.

830pm sitting at computer writing this. Looking back at what I have written I realize that today is just another day in my life, but not too uncommon a day. I then realized something else………….I NEED A LIFE!!!!


~ by welcometomyworld on August 19, 2011.

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