It’s funny, the people who mean the most to us growing up become the ones who later in life become the most disposable. You have spent most your adult life wondering what happened to them.Then one day the stars line up and before you can blink your eye you discover each other again. They seem excited to discover you for a fleeing moment then before you can finish catching up they seem to walk away again. I am not totally sure that they actually do or want to walk away but their present day life does not have the space to include you any longer. You find yourself like when you were younger walking away from those precious people of your youth. You can try for a while to hang on to those friendships you once cherished, but at some point you have to realize that people change, grow, and form new relationships. They live in a world where you no longer fit. It is sad to let go of these people with whom you shared those carefree days of youth with, first loves, and a growing awareness that the world is bigger then what you see. For all these people of my past, I finish by saying this….You were the most important people in my life I have ever known. You will always be remembered with a smile and the warmest of heart.I feel honored that you were able to touch not only my heart but your presence will always resonate in my soul.


~ by welcometomyworld on September 12, 2011.

One Response to “Farewells”

  1. Thank you for writing this farewell post, it made things clearer in my mind and heart. We all change and go our own way in life. I used to wonder why my friends stopped being my friend, thinking it was something i had done wrong. it wasnt anything but growing up. I loved my friends then and still have a spot in my heart for them. We grew up and no longer had the same things in common and thats just life. Thank you for helping me understand

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